Rules and Protocols for Athletic Events

  1. All of the afternoon games will begin at 4:00 PM unless other arrangements have been made.

  2. The visiting team will not be permitted to bring spectators to New World High School except for parents. Coaches must escort their team to the gymnasium.

  3. Upon entering the gymnasium all coaches, players, and managers are required to wear sneakers.

  4. Visiting cheerleaders or boosters will not be permitted.

  5. All team members must be accompanied in and out of the changing room/bathroom by their coaches at the beginning and end of the contest and/or out of the building.

  6. There will be no eating or drinking in the gym.

  7. Faculty members and parents with proper identification will be admitted.

  8. New World High School students with an ID card (no programs accepted) will be permitted to be at the game; however, student behavior during the day will determine admittance to PSAL events.

  9. Any student currently facing disciplinary action will not be allowed in as a spectator.

  10. Any player or spectator that fails to adhere to reasonable standards of behavior and good sportsmanship will be escorted out of the building. This includes the use of profanity and berating of players, coaches, officials or other spectators.

  11. All coaches are responsible for bringing their own first aid supplies and defibrillators.

  12. The Administration of New World High School reserves the right to remove/refuse any student to participate as a spectator for any reason.